Blog target...

...So welcome!!!
As you noticed this blog is about Bar and Club life.
I work in a Nightclub, serving cocktails and makeing people happy for that money what they spending.
Music, Dj's and great Nightclub atmosphere.

....Drinking is what we all do in weekends. And when come's Friday and Saturday night, girls and boys meet in Club to enjoy time together. :)
    So thats why i made Videos about my cocktails. To share all positive what happening - hope you like videos. :) And i will make more videos about cocktails, jager bomb's and all other positive stuff.

   We are on too, just click on link and it will bring you to right place.
And also we are on as well. Where you can find more videos.

Leave coments, write on facebook and come to Friction club to try cocktails together with great people. And maybe we will make videotogether.

Thank's !!!