Jager Art

This is real jager bomb, with great bomb patern.

Jager Bomb Squad.

This is great experiment in my opinion. looks easy but actualy it is not so easy to make it. There is some litle thinks what can distroy all chain reaction. But we did great.

Jager Bomb Squad

This is something new, Friction bridge in a middle of chain. What makes it special and intresting. As i told you in previous video we will come with new ideas, and it is not end yet, still a lot to come.
Thanks for watching, leave coments.

Well this is somthing new. It is funny name but all art together i think is amaizing. Hope you like it and we will make some more soon. Thanks for watching.

Well finaly we got it. The reason why prev. ones didn't work was that the glase's wich we used was diferent and now we realise that we made mistake. But in this experiment we use right glase's so it works properly. Hope you like what we do and we will try to make more dificult and intresting things.